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Drawing and Sculpture Classes.
Why and how do I teach?

My name is Rim Umyarov and I am an artist.
I am also an architect, a designer (member of the Union of Designers), a sculptor, a tattoo artist, a graffiti artist, a safety helmet artist.

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No subscriptions. One-time payment.

Analytical drawing. Basics

~ 10 USD   15 USD 

Analytical drawing by Rim Umyarov

A very important and basic course will provide key, possibly unusual and unexpected information. The course is suitable for beginners and professionals.

  • Language: English
  • Homework and exercises for Self-study are included in the course, but  CHECKING homework is NOT included.
Lessons plan:
1. Principles of work of imagination and volumetric spatial thinking
2. Perspective. Cube
3. Perspective. Rotation bodies
4. Own shadows, falling shadows
5. Basic human proportions, body dynamics
6. Human head. Basic proportions
7. Hands and feet. Basic proportions
8. Composition. Air, focus, tips
9. How not to lose faith in yourself and progress? How an artist can make money. List of useful books

Preview: click here

E-BOOK (pdf Format)
"Draw, not copy. Create, not copy"

~ 10 USD   15 USD 

Draw, not copy. Create, not copy" New edition 2022

The book will help novice artists to understand the basics and principles of volumetric-spatial thinking, shaping and imagination! This is great and important information.

  • Language: English
  • Based on the online course "Analytical Drawing. Basics."
  • 146 pages, PDF file.
  • More than 250 illustrations
  • You can download the book to your device.
  • Homework and self-study exercises are included in the book, but CHECKING homework is NOT included.
  • Preview of the book: click here

1. About the author
2. Greetings
3. Words from my wife
4. Introduction
6. Lesson 1 Two Skills.
7. Lesson 2 Perspective.
8. Lesson 3 Bodies of rotation.
9. Time.
10. Lesson 4 Shadows.
11. A little bit about something else.
12. Lesson 5 Human proportions Muscles.
13. Lesson 6 The human head.
14. Eyes, ears, mouth, nose.
15. Lesson 7 Human hands and feet.
16. Lesson 8 The basics of composition.
17. The power of the line.
18. Lesson 9  The important thing at the end.
19. List of references.

Portraits. Basics

~ 10 USD   15 USD 

Video course portraits by Rim Umyarov

This course focuses on the specifics of building and drawing portraits.

  • Language: English
  • 7  VIDEOS (15-35 MINUTES/EACH)
  • Homework and exercises for Self-study are included in the course, but CHECKING homework is NOT included.
  • Demo video: click here
Lessons plan:

1. Basic shapes
2. Skull
3. Shadows, shading, light
4. Nose, eyes, mouth, ears
5. Hair
6. Woman and man. Difference
7. Adults and children. Difference

Digital drawing and Digital sculpting on A TABLET (iPad or Android OS)

~ 10 USD   15 USD  

Digital drawing and Digital sculpting on the iPad. by Rim Umyarov

This course is not a complete guide to "Procreate",  "Sketchbook" or "Nomad". This is my experience with these applications, which can be used as a first step.

  • Language: English
  • 5 VIDEOS + 6 extra videos + file with my Procreate pencil and eraser.
  • Homework and exercises for Self-study are included in the course, but CHECKING homework is NOT included.
Lessons plan:

  1. Why digital?
  2. The basic functions of the "Procreate" application. (iPad)
  3. The basic functions of the "Sketchbook" application. (iPad & Android OS)
  4. The basic functions of the "Nomad sculpt" application. (iPad & Android OS)
  5. Final collage.
  6. Time lapse "Hand 1",
  7. Time lapse "Hand 2".
  8. Time lapse "Hand 3".
  9. Example "Hip bone".
  10. Time lapse "Hand 4".
  11. Time lapse "a Bug".
  12. Time lapse sculpting "Croco".
  13. File with my pencil and eraser for Procreate.

personal consultation and Checking homework.
Онлайн курс Портрет. Основы. Рим Умяров

  • Language: English
  • Personal consultations via WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • Answer within 24 hours.
  • Homework checking and answers to your questions.
  • $ 1000 USD for 30 days



Amazing course—well worth it! There are many online art courses out there, but the line of connection between you and the teacher (Rim) sets this one apart. The videos are great and the practice is rigorous, and I benefited from the structure the format gave to my daily drawing. I’d highly recommend the course!


Rim’s classes are extraordinary! He is an amazing artist and a wonderful teacher. He truly wants to help his students succeed. I feel blessed to have found him. There is no one quite like him! 👏


Amazing teacher and artist! I took his live class online and then came back for more and purchased the full tutorials and ebook. The program is very thorough and is well done. Rim is an amazing artist and explains his process step by step in the course. I highly recommend the course!!!! Thank you Rim!!! 👏👏👏👏👏


Fabulous 🔥


One of the best online teaching. Kept it very simple and engrossing. It was very helpful for me. Thanks Rim. You are also very kind hearted.


Thank you, it was a great course! 🔥🔥🔥


Inspiring teacher but no results without busy practice! I recommend it!


Top course ,different point of view from other teachers,really has great results if you follow instructions and practice 👏


I’ve been through Rim’s course and it was one of my favorite I’ve taken in my artistic journey. This sort of drawing technique and the practice methods to learn it, aren’t (seemingly)taught in my country (Canada). So I appreciate this school of thought from this wonderful man and from wonderful Country with proud artistic roots (Russia!). A wonderful course for any artist looking to improve quickly in fundamentals! The workload assigned was both fun and difficult, but made huge improvements in my structural drawing skills. Rim was also a pleasure to receive constructive feedback. Highly recommend. Worth it! Very fun and very productive.


Great course with a lot of information I enjoyed very much, but I hope in the future the lessons will be recorded because the information in each lesson is rich, many and varied, and we need to repeat the lesson more than once so that we can learn well. Thank you very much 💐👍🏼✨


Rim's workshop teaches you the foundation skills in drawing like perspective, human anatomy, composition etc. 👏👏
His method is very scientific and totally value for money as it feels like you are getting almost 6 months of lessons for the price of 1 month.🙌
He also individually corrects every students work daily and gives inputs to improve.
Thank you Rim!! You are an amazing artist and have helped students worldwide !!😃❤️


You are an inspiration and an amazing teacher.



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